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Things To Do in Danbury, Connecticut

The United States of America is a country of vast geographical and political features. New York is one of the most well-known cities in the world. One great place to visit in the metropolitan area of NY is the city of Danbury. Danbury is a place which combines the best of nature as well as the city life. It has a vast number of things to be done once in the city. From the Candlewood Lake to the Railway Museum, Danbury has everything of interest to children and adults alike.

The city of Danbury is a part of Connecticut and is located 39 miles northeast of NYC. It is the 7th largest municipality of Connecticut with a population of approx. 85,000. It has a moderate and pleasant climate. The place provides some exciting things to be done away from the central city of New York.  Here's just a couple things to do in Danbury!

Places to visit in Danbury:
Bear Mountain Reservation: The mountain is an incredibly great place for a hike and offers some lovely views of the Candlewood lake from a height. The site has all facilities including hiking boots available there. It is a pretty enjoyable experience for photographers too.

Candlewood Lake: The Candlewood Lake is a human-made lake and is the largest in Connecticut. Boating and swimming activities are usually done there. It is an excellent place to wind up the day and to have a walk. Relaxation is the key to happiness and sitting near the lake is a great view too.

Ives Trail Greenway: It is another hiking trail and measures 20-miles. It isn’t much of a thriller but is a great way to enjoy hiking and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Danbury Railway Museum: The railway museum is a massive attraction and attracts thousands. The Union station served as the hub for WWII and was closed in 1972. It has an extensive collection of steam engines and coaches which are fascinating to explore. Another interesting fact about the station is that the movie Stranger on a train was filmed here which gives it an exciting way to look at it if you have seen the movie.

Tarrywile Park and mansion: Located at 70 Southern Blvd, Danbury, the mansion, and park is a beautiful place to visit for a walk or exploring. Open to the public from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, the park has gorgeous flowers and plants which are incredibly impressive to see.

Other places to visit include historical museums, Charter Oak brewery, Shelter rock winery and Wooster mountain state park.
A visit to the Danbury Fair mall is also great if you wish to buy some souvenirs to make the stay memorable.  Read my list of the Best Restaurants in Danbury!

Important things to remember while visiting Danbury is to pack sunscreen for the hikes, to have an air of relaxation and a peaceful mindset.

The geographic features of the place are ones to enjoy and relax at the same time. Danbury is one such hidden gem near NY to experience and to have a visit of the lifetime. Experience outside the busy life of the famous New York streets.